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The Light of Hope in Myanmar

Believers in Myanmar continue to struggle with the upheaval because it is not as easy to get around. COVID has been very bad in the country at different times. Several pastors and church workers have lost their lives to COVID, and until recently, they didn’t have the vaccine. The Church has increased its online presence in the past few months. In that time, their Facebook page has grown 30 percent. The page is close to 14,000 followers. Our APMedia team member and his family live in a General Council office—a five-story building designed as an office building, not for a family to live in. But because they can’t find a place to live and because finances are so tight, they live in that place with their two children. Here is a message he wanted me to share with you: "Myanmar Assemblies of God leadership assigned me to do media ministry for the church in Myanmar. So I went to Asia Pacific Media headquarters in the Philippines to increase my knowledge and skill in video production. I gained valuable insights on creating great videos. Thank you for all you do to support this great work which is reaching the country of Myanmar with the Message of Hope! I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in video production thanks to the team at APMedia. I learned how to create high-quality videos, as well as how to edit and export different video formats. The team was extremely supportive, offering guidance and assistance along the way and supplying us with all the resources we needed, including cameras, lighting, and even the studio where we could work from. It was thanks to their help that I was able to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to produce great videos that reach the people of Myanmar with the Message of Hope!"

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