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The Next Level Church Livestream

There is no denying that utilizing livestream has enabled churches to keep their doors open virtually during pandemic-induced lockdowns over the past two years. Today, churches are meeting face-to-face, and even U.S. pastors are asking if livestreaming still has value or if it just provides people an excuse to stay home. These questions have been the topics of recent APMedia seminars. In these sessions, the media workers and church leaders were presented with the expanding possibilities to utilize the church livestream. So what could the purpose be? Livestream is a courtesy to the sick and elderly. It also allows congregants to attend their home church no matter where they are in the world. Secondly, livestream provides a front door, allowing those looking for a church to try one out instead of going in “cold” as a visitor. And let’s not forget God’s Commission to all of us to take His Message outside church walls so all may have the opportunity to hear. During our 2022 AIMM, we were also challenged to think about the role of the pastor on a media team, the importance of casting a vision for media ministry, and the potential of their media team beyond just livestream. Since we all like easy, the easiest purpose to execute is to provide a way for our members to stay connected to church life. We just have to hit record and broadcast video on our website or social media. Livestream allows people to visit a church before attending in person. If the broadcast is live, real-time chat and prayer can be available. These enable the receiver to feel connected to the greater church body. The pastor can even participate by acknowledging individual names of those attending church service via livestream—which can be almost impossible to do effectively during an in-person service. Livestream has become an essential evangelism tool to reach the unchurched. This requires us to evaluate how every part of our service might be viewed by someone who is not a Christ-follower. Live chat, prayer, and using an MC during the pre- and post-service segments help reach out to those who have never attended church and don’t know what to expect. This is, indeed, an exciting time for not only the church in Asia Pacific, but the Church at large as well. We can utilize technology to take the church beyond a building. And those who are a part of our Media in Ministry forum also teach us as they share the many unique and creative ways they are utilizing media to multiply His message. We are witnessing many salvations and healings by those who have not even walked through the church’s doors because the Holy Spirit isn’t limited by walls, TVs, or computer screens. Thank you for supporting churches across Asia Pacific Media as we expand our virtual and in-person training to meet a growing need. We are excited to see the harvest to come!

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