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The Right Place at the Right Time

At AP Media, we believe the best way to address COVID-19 is by multiplying our ministry in online training. The future impact will be based on multiplying local workers who have heart, vision and skill. Here are a few other quick thoughts on the new normal in the coming year:

  1. Churches will continue to use digital media, even after they are able to meet again.

  2. After discovering the power of digital media, churches will develop more creative ways to build community and do outreach.

  3. Gospel spread through the digital world will grow. More people will hear the Good News because the Message is online.

  4. COVID-19 will be an instrument that leads millions to become followers of Jesus, and spiritual strongholds will be shaken.

  5. God will raise up willing local workers who will lead a great influx of new followers. We are in the right place, at the right time. Together, the coming months will be a season of growth. I value and thank you for your partnership.

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