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Usapang Pamilya: Insights for Living

“I am thankful for what is happening in my life, especially to my children because of videos. Even though I am separated from my husband, I have learned so many things…. I have surrendered all to the Lord and His plans for us. I am thankful for having come to this church.” — Emelita Casabuena APMedia’s mission is about changing lives like Emelita’s by drawing on God’s Word and multiplying its reach through technology. What better way to focus on families by offering hope-filled, biblically-based multi-media resources? One of these resources is the Usapang Pamilya Series, which provides insights for marriage and family including adultery, divorce, conflict, domestic violence, forgiveness and parenting. But we didn’t stop there—topics for youth and young adults include peer pressure, pre-marital sex and finding the right partner. We address personal development issues like financial management, marriage preparation, spiritism, worry, sexual identity, gossip, addiction and pornography. The Usapang Pamilya Series has been used for public showings, cell group discussions, Bible studies, and family counseling as well as personal discovery and self-reflection. Some Filipino cable television stations have included the series into their programming.
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