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Answering the Call to Media Missions

We want to introduce you to one of the latest additions to our APMedia Manila-based team. Prince Lennon Banlaygas is now helping us meet the ever-increasing needs of our ministry by providing Social Media and Graphic Design support. Here is what he had to say about the impact he’s seen media have and his call to see His Message, Multiplied. Q: When did you first become interested in media missions? A: I attended an APMedia training event at our church; I was especially interested in the training about graphics designing, and I could use what I have learned to make graphics for our church. There, I saw that the graphics I make are helpful for our church, like our Sunday invitation, sharing Bible verses, etc. I started to enjoy what I was doing when I saw the results. I am thankful for the opportunity and support my friends gave me so I can make graphics for social media. Q: How has working with APMedia helped you grow your skills and vision? A: As I’ve joined the APMedia team, my skills in graphic design and relevant and trending design concepts continue to grow. I love being a part of APMedia’s vision—His Message Multiplied—as we share and teach others to take the gospel in different places to different audiences. Q: How important do you see the ability to use media to reach this generation? A: Young people today are avid users of gadgets, and they thrive on social media. To reach them, we must use their social media platforms. It’s essential to take advantage of their technology to share Messages of Hope and win them to Christ. These young people will know Jesus through media and other social platforms. Social media is an excellent way to share the gospel. Q: How has APMedia training helped you in your local church’s online ministry? A: Becoming part of APMedia has helped our church, especially our tech staff. I share the ideas I get from APMedia with our church for our online livestream. APMedia’s mentoring and training programs, especially AIMM, have been a great help for our online streaming. Five of us from our church team who attended AIMM have been able to apply the things we learned to our ministry.

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