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Asia Institute for Media in Ministry

The Asia Institute for Media in Ministries (AIMM) is the regional training arm of Asia Pacific Media (APMedia), dedicated to equipping church media ministries across the Asia Pacific region. AIMM offers comprehensive training programs designed to enhance media capabilities within churches, empowering them to connect with their congregations in innovative and impactful ways.

One of the standout events this year is AIMM 2024, themed "Momentum." This initiative encourages churches to build on the dynamic media innovations developed during recent challenges, propelling their ministries forward as they return to in-person services. AIMM 2024 provides targeted courses such as the Church Production course, which covers mastering video, livestreaming, production, and audio mixing for both in-person and online worship experiences. Additionally, the Church Communications course focuses on developing skills in messaging, community engagement, and brand management to ensure clear and effective communication within religious contexts.

By providing these essential training and resources, AIMM exemplifies APMedia's commitment to fostering growth and excellence in church media ministries throughout the region.

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