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IMPACT: Indonesia Update

Country Update from Bill Snider, Director, APMedia Director

Indonesia is the fourth largest nation in the world. Approximately 80 percent of the country is Muslim and only 6 percent is Christian.There is so much needed and that can be done. In October, I spent time working with a team in Indonesia,which includes Pat and Linda Cochenour, who pioneered radio ministry in the country . For about 20 years, we have been working with radio programming there. Presently, there are four programs in production that air on approximately 80 stations around the country. Amazingly, all of the broadcast airtime is free on both Christian- and Muslim-owned radio stations thanks to the APMedia focus on people and the quality of our production work. The programs focus on women, college students and young professionals. Our team has done a very good job of creating content. Follow-up is done primarily through text messaging. As a result of text messaging local believers are able to follow up with individuals. We have also discovered that one of our movies would be well received by those who believe in animism. The script is currently being translated into Bahasa, the main language of Indonesia. The message of the movie deals with the spirit world and the simple message is that the power of Jesus is stronger than any force or spirit that is in your life.  From there, we would be looking for multiple duplication and distribution channels for the movie to be used by Christian groups and churches.   We can translate and produce this movie for approximately $3,500 (U.S.). Duplication and distribution costs for the first 1,000 DVDs is around $2,500. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS NEW ENDEAVOR 1. That God will raise up more Christian media producers and videographers in Indonesia who are able to tell the stories of people coming to Christ. 2. For APMedia to raise $6,000 (U.S.) for production and distribution of the movie being dubbed in Bahasa.  3. For ongoing radio ministry. 4. For foundational APMedia funding so we can continue to grow our ministry in Indonesia, and for more workers. Thank you for your support of these strategic opportunities in Indonesia! If you would like to support the ongoing ministry APMedia is doing in countries like Indonesia, please DONATE TODAY!

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