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IMPACT: Seeking God's Agenda

A Letter from Bill:

After many years of life and ministry, there are people who stand out in my memory. These are people who have a passion for their life and their work. They are spiritually minded and discerning. They may live in difficult circumstances, but they remain positive about their calling and optimistic about the future and what God is doing. They are pursuing God’s agenda for ministry. Seeking God’s agenda for ministry takes patience and endurance. We started Asia Pacific Media in our living room in 1988. Starting something was exciting; staying with it was hard work.  Seeking God’s agenda involves growth and flexibility. Usually God’s agenda, His plan, comes in embryonic form. It did for us. We didn’t fully see it, nor do we really comprehend the details that will be involved. The dream forces us to grow. It will stretch us beyond what we think we can do. Drama and movies were not part of the original dream for Asia Pacific Media. That was not my training or background. This is where shared vision and partnership came into play. Working with Sword Productions and others, we’ve been able to see indigenous dramas produced for several nations, most recently for Nepal.  We were able to create the  “Usapang Pamilya” (“Family Talk”) video series, which led to a website and most recently into children’s dramas. Media professionals were attracted to this project and became instrumental in seeing it come to pass.  Seeking God’s agenda also involves integrity and humility. Without personal and ministry integrity, the pursuit of the dream will unravel. God wants to speak to us, to guide our lives’ work. It all begins with an encounter with God. You become passionate about His call on your life. You walk out the vision, and, in the process, develop patience and endurance. You share the vision and form partnerships with others. You care for the core, your walk with God and integrity in your dealings with others. Over a decade ago Rick Warren wrote the book, The Purpose Driven Life . I believe he touched a nerve that lies in the back room of all of our lives. We want our life to mean something. We want our time to have made a difference. God will not leave us in the dark. His Spirit is our helper as we navigate life’s challenges.  Acts 13:36 says, “David had served God’s purpose in his own generation” (NIV). That is the goal!

Thank You for 25 Years As we look towards the future there are no signs of slowing down. Even though we have come so far and the testimonies of the impact of APMedia are numerous, the task to reach the lost in the Asia Pacific is great. There is no way for us to accomplish what needs to be done without your continued pledge of prayer and financial partnership. Please consider today what you can do to underwrite the ministry of APMedia. We are needing 100 people immediately who will each commit to a reoccurring monthly gift of $50 to secure the future of this ministry. Join with us today to see His Message, Multiplied.

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