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STORIES: The APMedia Difference in My Ministry

In Pastor Roque's Words:

Today, everything is all about media.As a pastor, I discovered, we need to meet where the people are. Especially with our church, most of the members are young professionals. I discovered that media is in enhancing God’s word in meeting their needs.Using media to reach the youth is a powerful tool. It's not only entertaining it also captures their attention and focus—making the teaching of God’s Word more powerful and exciting.I encourage pastors like me to find ways to use media to enhance their teachings. There is future in media especially in kingdom building.As of now, I have  2 seasons of "Usapang Pamilya", which I am planning to use in for our group discipleship programs. The topics in both seasons are applicable, relevant and timely to for families.Thank you for extending the ministry of APMedia to our ministry and to other churches. Thank you for allowing us to use your materials so our ministry would be more effective and impact more people—to save more souls for the kingdom of God.

You Make the Difference As you partner with APMedia, you help us in our mission to use digital communications to  impact the real lives of individuals and families across Asia Pacific with the message of Jesus Christ. These are areas of the globe where the gospel is not well understood and in some cases has yet to be received. But we cannot do this on our own. We are completely dependent on your continued prayers and financial support. Right now APMedia is in immediate need of 100 ongoing monthly partners to contribute $50 a month  (or 50, $100 a month partners) to secure the future of this ministry. Please prayerfully consider what God can do with your gift today. Thank you for partnering with us to see His Message, Multiplied throughout the Asia Pacific.

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