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An exciting thing about working in media is discovering gifted people that help you create and develop these cutting-edge resources. Jenny (pictured above) is one of those gifted individuals. I first met her over a year ago. She’s a graduate in Mass Communications from one of the local universities in Taipei. She wanted to creative a video concerning the struggles of teen culture. We gave her the assignment. I was very impressed when I saw what she did. It’s creative. Well-produced. Contemporary. Here is a young lady with a heart for God who wants to use her skills to share Jesus with others. She is officially the newest freelance addition to our APMedia—China team! Part of the legacy of APMedia has always been to give these gifted people a chance— to encourage the development of skills and train people in video production, so that we can empower vision that God has put in their hearts. Thank you for believing in us and for supporting creative ministries that are influencing the Chinese people every day through APMedia to see His Message, Multiplied. Blessings, Bill

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