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IMPACT: The Net Reaching China

A recent Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo wrote these prophetic words,

“The internet is God’s gift to the Chinese people.” This statement is connected with the heart of APMedia's mission—to utilize digital communication resources like the internet to spread the gospel, empower the church and disciple the nation. In 2014,  APMedia—China will be producing a number of new videos for their web site These will include drama, teaching and modeling the church at worship, in training and inspiration. Imagine making a difference in the life of a worker in China, simply by offering training via the internet! On average each new video that we place on costs between $800 to $1,000. That is the cost for additional staff, project people and production. Our goal is to produce a new video at least every month. Thank you for joining with us in prayers and financial commitment for this strategic effort in China. If you haven’t already done so, please look at the giving options on the enclosure and prayerfully consider what you or your church can do to support the ministry of APMedia as we reach into China and beyond. Please consider a monthly reoccurring donation towards the China video project. You can also donate online and set up monthly donations at Thank you for working with us to see His Message, Multiplied in the nation of China!
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