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IMPACT: The Value of Partnership

There is an African Proverb that says: “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” One of the core values of Asia Pacific Media is partnership. We realize that one organization cannot go it alone. This partnership takes many forms. In an Asian country, our goal is to empower local believers and leaders to embrace media and create tools that will work in their situations. We also work closely with local believers so that they will welcome and use the dramas and other media tools we produce. Partnership is all about learning from one another, respecting one another and sharing common vision. Today, people are using Asia Pacific Media’s productions in China, the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal and India, and by Filipinos in dozens of nations, from the Middle East to Europe and across Asia. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Partnership also describes our relationship. It’s more than a financial contribution. We realize that you want to know more. You are invested. Is it working? For that reason, we redesigned our website to tell you more. We produced many video stories that describe the impact of media on individual lives. You can access these stories from your computer, iPad or smartphone. Just go to You can now sign up on our home page to receive our monthly e-newsletters to stay connected with how His Message is being Multiplied across the Asia Pacific. As a partner, I want to share this need with you… Each day, the APMedia team, in Manila, Taipei, Hong Kong—with partners in Myanmar and Indonesia—is producing media tools, doing follow-up with individuals, networking with churches and training the next generation in media productions. As a faith-based ministry, we can only do what our partners enable us to do. For the last several months, our Manila production center has been operating with a deficit of several thousand dollars. Obviously this is not sustainable. Each day our budget is approximately $400, about $50/hour. That pays for our staff of nine full-time people, electricity, travel—the works. To secure the future, we need 100 partners who will contribute $50 per month. There are some who can give more, some less. But the way forward is “together in partnership.”

WHAT'S NEXT FOR APMEDIA? This fall we have the opportunity to reach into Myanmar. We will be producing stories to reach the Burmese people as early as November 2014. We are also producing a number of stories of Filipino overseas foreign workers who are discovering God’s grace while working away for long periods of time from their families. These are important days. Digital communication is the common ground of this generation. The gospel story must be there, or we will be a silent people.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Only as we partner together can we move forward. Perhaps you’ve not given to APMedia for many months; start again today. Perhaps you’ve received our communication but have never given. Would you be one of 100 to commit to give $50 per month? Please help us continue to be a blessing to the people of the Asia Pacific. You can donate online with your one-time or reoccurring gift at Thank you for your generous response! —Bill P.S. Sign up for e-newsletter updates at

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