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PROMO: Digi-tracts—The Final Exam

Around the world church leaders face the same challenge when it comes to teens and young adults, reaching them for Christ; but one key element seems to surface in any study—technology and media. A church that uses media is twice as likely to reach young adults because they know how to not only engage this generation but also give answers to the big questions of life.  Young adults are constantly searching for answers to the bigger questions of life and what better why to impact an individual than by posing the big question and answering it with God's message? APMedia is doing just that and taking it one step further through DigiTracts.

My son, if sinners entice you, don't be persuaded. ~Proverbs 1:10. 

The DigiTract, "The Final Exam" offers a solid biblical explanation why cheating isn't prosperous and empowers viewers to follow Christ despite what the culture or friends say. 

Digi what?DigiTracts are short video clips that engage students and are designed for online or handheld devices like mobile phones. This makes this type of media perfect for discussion starters among groups. Students are encouraged to watch the video with a friend, which prompts them to ask a question at the end of the video. Then they are asked to share this video to another friend by reposting it on social media or downloading the video on their device. Through this tool, APMedia continues to multiply His message throughout the Philippines. For a more in depth explanation of DigiTracts, click here for a video: What Are DigiTracts?

Coffee@HomeWe can't create this videos or impact one person with contributions from supporters like you which is why we are asking you to take the Coffee at Home Challenge. Each week we are asking supporters to choose to have coffee at home and then give the money saved to APMedia in order to continue our ministry.  Can you give $3, $5, $15 or $30 to help us answer life's big questions through media?  For more about the challenge, click here: Coffee@Home Challenge. We thank you for your support and pray you share this post and challenge a friend to take the coffee challenge with you! 

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